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‘I’m Not Talking to Bigots!’: Angela Rye and Joe Walsh Take Feud From Twitter to CNN

After battling on Twitter yesterday, former congressman Joe Walsh and regular CNN commentator Angela Rye faced off on CNN Wednesday afternoon.

Rye came prepared with Walsh’s tweets pulled up on her phone, so when she accused him of being a bigot — in the context of a conversation about Sean Spicer condescending to April Ryan — and Brooke Baldwin asked why, she was ready.

(If you need a refresher, here is what we wrote about their Twitter fight, which happened after Rye said that President Barack Obama was held to an almost Jesus-like standard that Donald Trump is not. Here is what happened with Spicer and Ryan when he told the veteran reporter not to shake her head at him. And here is Rye today blasting Spicer for talking to Ryan that way.)

Anyway, Walsh insisted that Spicer’s treatment of Ryan had nothing to do with gender or race, then said that “the left” just wants to make everything about race.

Rye wouldn’t respond to him. She told Baldwin that CNN had opted to give him a platform, but she wouldn’t be interacting with Walsh because she wanted to have conversations that move people of all races forward.

Walsh said he was sorry Rye thought he was a bigot and sorry that CNN invited a bigot on the airwaves.

Baldwin, sounding exasperated, told him not to apologize.

Watch above, via CNN, to see how Walsh defended his comments from yesterday about Barack Obama being held to a lower standard as president because he is black.

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