Instant Regret: Man Tries — and Fails Spectacularly — to Capture an Alligator With Bare Hands

If you aren’t already familiar with the “Instant Regret” subreddit then I advise you to get to know it. It’s filled with sometimes dark but often funny WTF moments clips that provide ADHD-addled editors instant gratification when he or she needs a break from standard cable news pablum.

Take for example this clip above. I have no idea the back story, and I don’t have the time nor interest in looking it up. It’s probably old and gone viral a bunch of times already but, even if true, it made the clip above no less interesting to me, and I hope you as well.

It also helps a ton that the dude in the clip appears to end up okay. Mediaite is not the place for snuff films.

Watch the clip above,  courtesy of

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