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Iranian President Rouhani, Supreme Leader, and Foreign Minister Tweet Christmas Wishes

If there is an opposite of a War on Christmas, this might be it. In a continuation of their government’s social media charm offensive, three of Iran’s top leaders send Christmas wishes to followers all over the world via Twitter today. Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, Foreign Minister Javad Zarif, and even hardline Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei tweeted a variety of yuletide messages, including “Merry Christmas,” with nary a “Happy Holidays” among them.

Rouhani tweeted “May Jesus Christ, Prophet of love & peace, bless us all on this day. Wishing Merry #Christmas to those celebrating, esp Iranian Christians.”

He also retweeted two messages from Ayatollah Khamenei, which said “Jesus #Christ, the Son of #Mary, was a herald of God’s grace, blessing &guidance for man,” and “No doubt that Jesus #Christ has no less value among Muslims than [he has] among the pious Christians.”

Apparently, he also makes a nifty hashtag.

But it was Zarif who pulled out the M-C-word, tweeting “May the spirit of Christmas bring joy, peace, empathy and compassion to everyone throughout the coming year. Merry Christmas.”

Here are the three leaders’ Christmas-related tweets, via Twitter:

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