It’s Open Season on TNR Owner Chris Hughes

There’s an old adage along the lines of don’t pick fights with someone who buys ink by the barrel.

Chris Hughes, the Facebook sub-mogul who bought the New Republic two years ago and gutted it last week, just picked fights with a few dozen people who have access to those barrels. Hughes’ overhaul of the magazine, especially the indelicate firing of beloved editor Franklin Foer, angered a wide swath of TNR alums and sent a good chunk of his top-tier staff out the door.

They’re not being merciful. In a post bluntly headlined “The New Republic is dead, thanks to its owner, Chris Hughes,” TNR alum and current Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank unleashed the behind-the-scenes dirt on Hughes, portraying him as a petulant dilettante:

But oh man is that nothing compared to this:

Kirchick — last seen being booted from an RT set for telling Putin where to stick his homophobic laws, and TNR contributing editor until he was “dropped from the masthead before it was cool” — went after Hughes and husband Sean Eldridge with a vengeance. (Eldridge lost a bid for a congressional seat by a landslide last month after accusations of carpetbagging.) Kirchick added his own juicy (alleged) details, including Eldridge’s plan to become America’s first gay president despite being Canadian, and concluded:

Maybe Hughes can buy and gut Page Six next.

[Image via screengrab]

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