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Jersey Shore Episode Three Recap: Ronnie Is On…Something

Sleep with one eye open Sammi! Ronnie is creeping and you think he just wants to smush you. This is not, sadly, the case, Sweetheart.

We need to talk about this, and other Situations. But really, what’s the deal with this Ronnie character?

The general consensus is that Ronnie is on something. But what? We imagine it’s something like this:

• cocaine, HGH, Muscle Milk, Red Bull, vodka, Ron-Ron Juice, vodka, a little ecstasy maybe, and vodka.

Again, this is a complete guess, but someone really needs to get a handle on this out-of-control guido. Ronnie “thinks like getting into a fight, he’s allowed to creep.” Ronnie is “like a different person lately.” His roommates have identified a problem. And he pushed Snooki! How dare you, sir. We need a guidovention.

Now let’s creep through the rest of the episode in slideshow form (using the images from

[imageviewer id=8]

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