John King to Jeffrey Lord: What Does Media Bias Have to do With Trump Lying 14 Times in TIME Interview?


This morning, TIME Magazine published an interview of President Donald Trump that included the president repeating a number of dubious claims and ending the whole thing by telling reporter Michael Scherer that he must be doing something right because he’s president and “you’re not.”

Following an interview with Scherer on CNN tonight, anchor Anderson Cooper turned to his panel for a discussion. And political commentator and fervent Trump defender Jeffrey Lord wanted to use the TIME piece as an example of media bias.

Lord mentioned a column he wrote about TIME and how they showed President Barack Obama with a beaming smile and, eight years later, displayed a photo of Trump scowling.

“Now, all I’m suggesting to you is when you constantly say that one person is the greatest thing since sliced bread and your media analysis is this guy is terrible,” he stated. “Then that plays a role in all of this and how this is presented.”

“I don’t want to debate media bias but okay,” correspondent John King interjected. “Even if I accept your point, at least 14 things he said in the article were false.” King was highlighting a Toronto Star fact-check of Trump’s interview.

He continued, “What does that have to do with Barack Obama versus Donald Trump?”

Lord remarked that it had a lot to do with this because Obama said a lot of false things that he wasn’t called out on.

Watch the clip above, via CNN.

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