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Jon Stewart Skewers Glenn Beck’s Massa Interview: Like Opening Al Capone’s Vault

Can anyone blame Jon Stewart for not being able to resist Tuesday’s epic Eric Massa, Glenn Beck interview? No. And Stewart is in top form here, especially for those who missed either the interview or the lead up to it (as per usual, even Stewart can’t quite match the phenomenon of the real thing). Stewart’s take in a nutshell:

“To Glenn Beck’s credit no matter how badly Eric Massa screwed this thing up he tried to get him back on track…But the more Beck struggled the clearer it became that he was opening Al Capone’s vault only to find some dog-eared, well combed over, old men’s fitness magazines.”

Some sharp editing on the Daily Show’s part actually makes Massa sound like a voice of reason (they pulled the three reasonable things he said), which led Stewart to reflect on Beck’s shocked visage and wonder whether the FOX host perhaps needed a visit from the “tickle monster.” Also, Stewart speculates Beck may have stumbled upon his new nightly sign-off. Video below.

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