Journalist Seeks Job at Murdoch-Owned Paper, Vows Not to ‘Bow to Murdoch Lie Machine’


A journalist looking for a job with The Sunday Times went about it in the worst possible way this week, leading off with his declaration that he was “not gonna bow to the Murdoch lie machine.”

The Times is part of that Murdoch machine, lying or otherwise. When editor Toby Harnden shared this tidbit with Victor Epstein in a reply email, Epstein wrote, “Ugh. How embarrassing. How can you work for that motherfucker?”

Frankly I’m on Epstein’s side until this point, and had it stopped there Epstein would have been in possession of a delightful pub story about the time he tripped and told a Murdoch editor to eat his lunch.

But Harnden then posted the exchange online, after which Epstein broke the Emergency Nazi Reference glass:

Sonderkommandos were groups of Jewish prisoners forced by the Nazis to dispose of bodies from concentration camps. So, bit of an over-escalation there.

Epstein later tweeted that he’d forgotten about the Times’ ownership:

Rumors that England is a soggy, food-cursed hobbitrock went unconfirmed at press time.

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