Justice Department IG Reportedly Found Comey ‘Insubordinate,’ Defiant of Authority as FBI Chief

A new report suggests that the Justice Department’s Inspector General has found that James Comey flouted authority when he was director of the FBI.

ABC picked up a draft of Inspector General Michael Horowitz‘s report — which has been shared among sources affiliated with the DOJ’s internal watchdog. The report describes Comey’s behavior as “insubordinate,” and it also criticizes former Attorney General Loretta Lynch‘s handling of the investigation into Hillary Clinton‘s email scandal.

The draft reportedly criticizes Comey for not consulting with Lynch and the DOJ when he made his televised statement exonerating Clinton over her private server use. Interestingly, the report’s mentions of Comey’s “insubordination” also apparently revolve around his 11th hour decision in 2016 to re-open the FBI’s investigation into Clinton.

From ABC:

The draft of Horowitz’s wide-ranging report specifically called out Comey for ignoring objections from the Justice Department when he disclosed in a letter to Congress just days before the 2016 presidential election that FBI agents had reopened the Clinton probe, according to sources. Clinton has said that letter doomed her campaign.

Before Comey sent the letter to Congress, at least one senior Justice Department official told the FBI that publicizing the bombshell move so close to an election would violate longstanding department policy, and it would ignore federal guidelines prohibiting the disclosure of information related to an ongoing investigation, ABC News was told.

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