Limbaugh Mocks CNN Rebranding, Brags He Does ‘More Straight News Reporting’ Than Them

Rush Limbaugh does not think very highly of CNN’s rebranding strategy, but there’s one part in particular that he finds downright silly: the idea that CNN needs to get away from so much straight news reporting. No, not because CNN should play it down the middle as they’ve always done, but because they’ve never done it in the first place. Limbaugh cited Mediaite’s post on the new plans Jeff Zucker has for the cable network, which includes bringing a new “attitude” to CNN and shaking up primetime.

Limbaugh said, “If these people at CNN really think all they’ve been doing is broadcasting straight news, it’s hopeless!”

He charged that CNN is “just as left-wing as anybody else in the media,” and made a rather bold claim about how his own radio show compares to the likes of CNN and the nightly newscasts.

“On this program, we do more straight news reporting than you will find combined on the three nightly newscasts and CNN. We do!”

Limbaugh argued that people who listen to his program are far more informed about far more topics than people who just get their news from Brian Williams, Scott Pelley, or Diane Sawyer. He said that they, along with CNN, are just “all regurgitating the same thing” in the name of the Democratic party agenda.

Listen to the audio below, via The Rush Limbaugh Show:

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