Limbaugh On Trayvon Martin Case: ‘These Are Political Opportunities’ For The Left, ‘No Compassion In That’

Limbaugh On Trayvon Martin Case: 'These Are Political Opportunities' For The Left... 

Rush Limbaugh added his perspective on the Trayvon Martin case on Monday, expressing his disbelief of President Obama’s response. Addressing the racial aspect, he questioned why those on the left see things in black and white, and “groupify” people. “The last thing that ever occurs to me when somebody gets shot,” Limbaugh said, “is that they look like me.”

He started by quoting the following from a National Review piece by Jay Nordlinger:

Every once in a while, something will happen that makes me think, “Oh, yeah — that’s why I became a conservative in the first place.” Does that ever happen to you? (Or maybe you were born one.)

Robert De Niro made a joke, just a joke. But sometimes — often — jokes tell us something. He said, “Callista Gingrich, Karen Santorum, Ann Romney. Now, do you really think our country is ready for a white first lady? Too soon, right?”

When I was growing up, the liberals around me seemed to think of everything and everyone in black and white — literally.

“I have the same observation,” Limbaugh noted. “It is the left that doesn’t see the humanity in people, they see the surface. It’s the left who sees black and white; male and female; gay and straight. Whatever. Because they groupify everybody and victimize everybody. And they don’t ever just see people.”

Limbaugh further quoted Nordlinger:

Does it occur to you that Michelle Obama is black? Not to me: It occurs to me that she’s a left-winger, a fitness enthusiast, a left-winger, a fashion-plate, a left-winger, a jet-setter, a left-winger, etc.

Reflecting on his own “I hope he fails” comment, Limbaugh added the same logic applies to the president: “He’s not black to me, he’s a left-winger! This guy has ideas that I totally disagree with. That’s who he is to me.”

Again, another Nordlinger quote: “How sad — how wrong — to live in a black-and-white world.” Limbaugh agreed and, citing the president’s comment on the Trayvon Martin, said, “What difference does that make?” What is the point, he asked, in saying his son would look like Martin?

What he looks like, Limbaugh said, “is the least important thing. […] This poor kid was shot.”

Limbaugh then went on to mention Rick Santorum‘s “war on pornography.” In his piece, Nordlinger wrote, “I’m glad Santorum said what he did.” Santorum’s mistake, Limbaugh said, is that he assumes people “think and see things as he does” — and while many do, “the political class gets fixated on whatever the issue of the day is, as defined by the mainstream media, and then rolls with that.”

“I do not understand the President of the United States not saying anything when a group of citizens issues a bounty for another citizen in the United States of America,” Limbaugh said. But when “this young kid gets shot,” he reacts the way he did.

“The last thing that ever occurs to me when somebody gets shot,” Limbaugh said, “is that they look like me. It doesn’t compute.”

He concluded: “These are political opportunities for these people, that’s the sad thing about this. […] There’s no humanity in that. There’s no compassion in that.”

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