Lou Dobbs: Is Jeff Sessions ‘Compromised or Mentally Incompetent?’


The chyron on Lou Dobbs Tonight, Wednesday? “Dimm Subversion.” The guest? Jeanine Pirro. The discussion?

We’ll let you be the judge.

Pirro began the conversation on what the host billed as an anti-President Donald Trump conspiracy on the left by asserting that Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein has all the power in the DOJ, while his boss — Attorney General Jeff Sessions — has been usurped.

“Rod Rosenstein is, in essence, the attorney general and Jeff Sessions is in a closet somewhere cowering,” Pirro said.

Dobbs then posed this question to his guest:

“Your judgement about Sessions; is he compromised, or is he just mentally incompetent?”

Pirro went for option C, plain ol’ incompetent.

“All I know is this guy was in the Senate for 20 years,” Pirro said. “He didn’t do anything but pass — I think he sponsored four or five laws that were passed. It’s absurd…The bottom line is this. Jeff Sessions is a front for those individuals who would suffer Leavenworth if they were made accountable if what they’ve done.”

Watch above, via Fox Business.

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