Maddow On Stupak: Conservatives Now The ‘Evil Government’


Picture 1Looks like women unhappy with the Dems last-minute decision to add the Stupak amendment to the health care bill, which forbids public funding of abortion except in cases of rape or incest, may have found a rather loud voice in Rachel Maddow. She was definitely on fire last night.

I noted yesterday how Maddow was the only panelist on Meet the Press this Sunday to raise the issue of the Stupak amendment. Looks like that may have just been a preview of what is to come. During a round-up of this weekend’s health care events on last night’s show — “the House grabbed the brass ring, health reform at last…even better for the Democrats, they’ve done it in a way that has brought out the worst in the opposing party” — she had plenty of not so nice things to say about both the Democrats and the GOP, and how this bill might affect women. (Video below).

Democrats have decided to pass monumental, sweeping, legacy-building health reform inexplicably along with the biggest restriction on abortion rights in a generation…if the [Stupak] amendment becomes law, if the bill passes as is, insurance companies across the county will likely stop covering abortions, period.
With a single amendment Congress is making a legal medical procedure potentially unattainable for a huge number of American women. All that Conservative talk about the evil government getting involved in which medical procedures are covered and which aren’t. It’s Conservatives who now, from Congress, are ruling out coverage nationally for one specific medical procedure, for political reasons.

There’s a lot more in the video below. Of course, it’s important to note that it’s unlikely that the bill will make it through Senate looking anything like it looks now. That said, if Pelosi and Obama were hoping to slip this one through it seems they have wildly underestimated the effect of the Stupak addition. Obama can protest that this is ‘a health care bill, not an abortion bill’ but details like that tend to get lost in media coverage, and for the time being it looks like HCR may be temporarily subsumed by Stupak.

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