Maggie Haberman Dismisses Trump’s Latest Rage Tweets: ‘He Has Devalued the Currency of His Words’

President Donald Trump‘s talk is cheap.

That, more or less, was the sentiment conveyed by New York Times White House correspondent Maggie Haberman Friday following the president’s latest round of rage tweets. Appearing on New Day, the Times correspondent — who is as dialed in to the West Wing as much, if not more, than anyone else on the beat — said that Trump, by speaking so often on so many platforms, has made his speech far less impactful.

“Look, he’s still the president,” Haberman said. “And so when he says something, it has a news value. It is up to all of us to decide what that news value is, and we might not all see it the same way, but there is some value to it.

“[But] he has devalued the currency of his words. Not just with the tweets…there’s also a devalue in the currency of his interviews.”

Haberman added that she believes the president’s strategy of flooding the airwaves and dominating the Twittersphere was more effective during the campaign than during his presidency.

“If you are a president, you want your words to matter,” she said. “You want it to have meaning when you say something. You want it to have impact. And he is undercutting himself with the frequency, and with the conflicting nature of his statements. It was easier to do that as a candidate. It’s much harder as a president.”

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