Mark Halperin on Trump: All My ‘Hollywood People’ Want to Know ‘When’s He Leaving’

Morning Joe opened strongly Monday. Host Joe Scarborough was in an ebullient mood, no doubt still marinating in the White House demise of Steve Bannon on Friday. Scarborough has long derided “President Bannon” and often used his bully pulpit to speak directly to Trump in a nakedly transparently attempt to influence White House decisions. Ousting Bannon has long been high on the JScar wish-list.

He got things off in hour one by suggesting that the mood in the air for Trump’s presidency had shifted from “if” to “when.”

“I have been, I think it’s safe to say, very negative about the president on Twitter and other people have been very negative but this weekend there seemed to be a turn where a lot of people who were negative have started to talk about impeachment and have started to talk about maybe he’s going to resign now,” said Scarborough — who derided such speculation as foolish.

“He’s not going anywhere, is he Mark?” Scarborough asked.

Show mainstay, Mark Halperin confirmed that the fevered speculation from Wholefoods globalists and “Hollywood people” was real.

“I spent three days in Hollywood talking to Hollywood people; they all just want to know when’s he leaving. It’s not if, they’re all just like what’s the date when he’s out of office.”

“You went to the heart of America,” Scarborough deadpanned. “He’s not going anywhere until Bob Mueller says he’s going somewhere.”

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