Mayor Thinks Glenn Beck Fans Are Behind ‘Patently Offensive’ Anti-LGBT Phone Calls

The Salem mayor’s been getting some phone calls.

Mayor Kim Driscoll recently terminated a contract with a local college that had been tasked with overseeing an historical building, as the school’s policies do not comply with the city’s non-discrimination ordinance. This got the attention of conservative websites, like Glenn Beck’s The Blaze, which led to a series of “patently offensive” calls to the mayor’s office.

Driscoll’s response? She’s keeping a tally of the phone calls — fifty and counting — and donating $5 to nAGLY, the North Shore Alliance of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Youth, for every call received.

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Gordon College’s president has filed for a religious exemption from the ordinance, and was included in a post-Hobby Lobby letter to the White House from faith leaders, which argued for more leniency from proposed legislation seeking to combat discriminatory employment practices.

The city terminated the contract, set to expire in August, earlier this month. “Not doing so would be a violation of our Non-Discrimination Ordinance and even more troubling, allow a contractual relationship between the city of Salem and an institution that enables, and now advocates for discrimination against the LGBT community,” Driscoll wrote. “As Mayor, I most certainly cannot let that stand.”

Read Driscoll’s statement on the calls below:

[h/t Boston Magazine]
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