Meanwhile, in Canada…: Justin Trudeau Presents Bill to Legalize Recreational Marijuana


Here in America, things are really chaotic right now, but up in Canada, the Prime Minister is trying to legalize recreational weed.

Justin Trudeau is angling for his country to become the second to totally legalize the drug, unveiling a legalization bill today. Plenty of other countries have decriminalized weed and all but stopped enforcing laws against it.

In some places in America, weed is (sort of) legal to smoke for recreation, but in other places, having a bag can land a person in jail. Our current Attorney General Jeff Sessions hates weedlot and many fear — and have objected to the idea that — he and Donald Trump might want to start a new drug war over the plant.

Weed laws in the U.S. also tend to be enforced more in communities of color than white communities, so you can see how the conversation around legalization is a complex but vital one.

According to the New York Times, legalization was one of Trudeau’s campaign promises, so it’s not unexpected and the bill he presented is expected to pass.

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