Mike Huckabee: Obama ‘Surrounded Himself With Morally Repugnant Political Whores’ (UPDATED)


In a letter to Citizens United supporters, Mike Huckabee made clear his feelings about President Barack Obama. Commenting about how he doesn’t trust the president, he went on to say that Obama has surrounded himself with “morally repugnant political whores with misshapen values and gutter-level ethics.”

Said Huckabee:

Listen, you’re a person of faith and so am I. In his administration and now on his re-election campaign, President Obama has surrounded himself with morally repugnant political whores with misshapen values and gutter-level ethics.

The letter, obtained by BuzzFeed, also announced “Obama Fundraising Watch” — which will go through Obama’s fundraising, scouring “every single line for fraud and abuse.” It adds, “When we find it…and we WILL find it…The whole world will hear about it.”

Huckabee said Obama’s fundraising “sent chills down my spine,” that he’s going to raise and spend “ONE BILLION DOLLARS.” And where is he getting that money? From “a mishmash of shady characters, corrupt contributors, far left bankrollers and financiers.”

He states, “My friend, I don’t trust President Obama. Do you?”

BuzzFeed later noted, “Jeff Marschner, a spokesman for Citizens United, ‘categorically denies’ the letter was sent by his organization.”

UPDATE: Earlier today, POLITICO published a statement from Huckabee:

“This was a complete surprise to me,” Gov. Huckabee said in a statement to POLITICO, sent via a representative. “I most certainly did not approve such language and would never have used that kind of repulsive rhetoric. I repudiate that language, find it offensive to me, and have ordered that it be pulled immediately.”

Later, Marschner said the letter “was a test” and they’ll make sure this doesn’t happen again:

“Neither Governor Huckabee nor Dave Bossie, President of Citizens United, approved the language presented and used in the fundraising letter that was sent out as a test to a small number of people. Both have taken corrective action to make sure that this does not happen again. It is language that is beneath Governor Huckabee and Dave Bossie, and language that they would not use.”

(H/T BuzzFeed)

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