Mitch McConnell: I Don’t See Need For Legislation to Protect Special Counsel Mueller


Following reports that President Donald Trump had ordered Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s firing last June only to be stopped by White House Counsel Don McGahn’s threat of resignation, Democrats on the Hill have pushed for legislation to be passed to protect Mueller.

Speaking to reporters today, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell dismissed the idea that Mueller needs protection and said that he’s not looking to bring forth any bills designed to prevent the special counsel from being terminated.

“I’m unaware of any official effort on the part of the White House to undermine the special counsel,” McConnell said. “So I don’t feel any particular need to reach out to protect someone who seems to need no protection.”

Of course, others see things a bit differently. In the wake of Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe’s ouster and the House Intel Committee voting to release the Nunes memo — which some feel could be used as a reason to fire Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein — talking heads have warned of a “slow motion Saturday Night Massacre” while describing yesterday’s events as the “Monday Night Slaughter.”

Watch above, via ABC News.

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