Morning Joe Dares Trump on Government Shut Down: ‘I Don’t See it Happening’


On Friday’s Morning Joe, a team led by Willie Geist opened up by speculating about how serious the threat of a government shutdown was. Donald Trump has warned that everything is on the table if Congress refuses to allocate funding for “the wall” along the Mexican boarder.

With Joe and Mika once again MIA, Geist went around the table. The general consensus was the same. The President doesn’t have the balls to do it.

“I don’t think he’ll shut down the government over the wall. It would be very difficult for him to do that.” scoffed GOP strategist Susan Del Percio, a newish face to the show. “The markets would tank. The one success he goes to at the beginning of every rally, every address is he talks about the economy. The markets will not respond well to this.”

But what about Steve Bannon, asked Geist?

“This was sort of Steve Bannon’s dying political wish, as he left the office, he said don’t forget the wall. Don’t forget the promise you made on the wall,” said Geist.

But former Vermont governor Howard Dean, making a rare early morning appearance, was also skeptical. — HYAHHHH

“I’m with Susan. He could shut down the government, but he would have to veto a bipartisan bill in order to do that. I don’t see it happening. But this is a guy who could do anything crazy so I don’t know what he’ll do.”

And Mark Halperin — who without his usual suit and tie looked ready to make a bee-line to Fire Island — called a shutdown implausible, but added the caveat that he really had no idea.

“There are so many unanswered questions and the notion that the president is going to end this by vetoing things and trying to shut down the government, I agree it is implausible. But there is no obvious other outcome. So it’s as likely as anything.”

As Trump is a known watcher of Morning Joe (though he would never admit it) the segment was basically tantamount to a dare. It was a challenge from the president’s most hated program

In short — We think you’ll chicken out.

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