Mr. President, You Know the Senators You’re Insulting May Soon be Voting on Your Impeachment, Right?

Dear President Trump,

As the Managing Editor of a website that covers the intersection of media and politics, I am often delighted by your non-traditional approach to communications.

On one hand, I totally get why this refreshingly honest approach appeals to a base of voters fed up with duplicitous rhetoric of politicians that say one thing to their constituents, then behave in a completely other way on Capitol Hill.

But, since it’s my job, I mostly think in terms of finding compelling and unique content to feature on Mediaite, and you, sir, are the never-ending font of entertaining subject mater. Hell, Mediaite’s Senior Editor Jon Levine noticed your uncanny “nose for news” and even offered you a job, because you are so good at this. (Keep that in mind if things go south for you by the way.)

But I write to you on another matter altogether. As referenced above, I’ve taken great delight in noticing a fissure amongst your supporters, particularly between the establishment GOP and your Pepe-loving, alt-Right meme warriors. You appear to be, understandably, siding with the “Drain the Swamp” set. You also appear to be driving the latest attacks with insults and degradation of Capitol Hill legends like Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell, and your own Attorney General Jeff Sessions. This is an interesting trend that I would describe as both “funny ha-ha,” and “funny strange.”

It is remarkably entertaining to watch and write about. And the media side to it is also fun, especially within the right-of-center province of Fox News opinion leaders (who play an important role regarding your political future.) We’ve posted smart analyses of the growing divide between pro-Trump contributors and those who are brave enough to, as they see it at least, speak truth to power.

But did you happen to see the news yesterday that the FBI led a pre-dawn raid into one of Paul Manafort’s homes? I know you are on “vacation” for a few weeks this month, and honestly, I don’t blame you for taking some time. But this investigation, and now grand jury, led by Special Counsel Robert Mueller seems to be no joke. The media doesn’t really know what was behind the raid, and didn’t even know the raid happened until two weeks after it happened! This suggests a professional approach that, well, could eventually ensnare your family members and maybe even get to you. You are following this, right?

So back to your insults of legislators on Capitol Hill. They are truly entertaining and fun for us to cover, but did you know that these very senators actually have impeachment power over your office? If Mueller’s investigation turns up evidence of a crime, it will be these guys that you have long insulted — McConnell, McCain, Graham among many others — in the Senate who will serve as your jury. It’s guys like these who could actually save your hide.  (And judging by some recent tweets in support of the Senate Majority Leader, it appears they are siding with their Senate colleague Mr. McConnell.)

I know you know this stuff. You are the President after all, and I am no legal expert. But I can’t imagine that mocking potential jurors in your trial is a wise strategy. Yeah, I know you are a billionaire, won the election, have the finest steaks and bottled water, etc.  But maybe itis time for a little discipline?Disagreement on policy is one thing, but developing a hostile, adversarial relationship with this particular old boy network of GOP senators doesn’t seem like the smartest play here.

Speaking of old boy clubs, I’m sure you have another tee time coming up at Trump National so I do apologize for the intrusion. Hit ’em straight!

Forever grateful,

Colby Hall

Managing Editor, Mediaite


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