MSNBC Warm-Fuzzies Alert: Chris Hayes Met Rachel Maddow’s Dad


Last night while tossing over to Rachel Maddow, MSNBC host Chris Hayes told viewers he’d met her dad. (We’re trying to come up with a good joke that uses the word “Daddow,” but honestly, just do it yourself.)

“That’s us, right there,” gushed Hayes as he showed a photo of himself with his colleague’s father. “Selfie-style.”

When Maddow, herself, appeared on-screen to start her show in the 9:00 time slot she’s been dominating, she told the All In host, “You were already an honorary member of the Rachel Maddow family because my family loves you so much.”

She joked that she was “ejected” from the family because Hayes made her father so happy. Then, she revealed that at the event where Hayes had met her father, someone announced he was in attendance and audience members cheered for him.

“I just want to tell you, each and every one of you made me burst into tears at my desk today when I heard that news. Dad, I love you. And everybody who was nice to my dad, you’re all going to heaven,” she said.

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