Must-See Late Night: Santa Reveals Why He Won’t Come to America This Christmas

Nightly Show host Larry Wilmore welcomed a very special guest onto his Thursday night show to present a unique angle on the issue of gun ownership in America. Direct from the North Pole, Santa Claus told Wilmore simply that his route for Christmas Eve night got a little easier this year, saying bluntly, “I’m not coming to the U.S.”

When pressed for details, Santa told the Nightly┬áhost, “You maniacs scare the hell out of me. 185,000 guns on Black Friday? I don’t wanna get clipped man. I’ve seen what you do to immigrants — it’s not good.”

Santa’s response was formed along the conversation that this year’s Black Friday saw a record number of gun sales in the wake of the deadly Paris attacks. Santa continued, “One minute I’m chowing down on my milk and cookies, the next minute I’m chewing the business end of a Bushmaster AR-15 — I’ll pass.”

When Wilmore looks to counter with Saint Nick that most of the guns used in this country are owned responsibly by people like hunters who shoot big game, Santa countered, “Uh, hello! My ride is made of deer!” The hilarious exchange earns our Must-See Late Night Clip distinction for the morning.

Check out the above clip from Comedy Central.

[image via screengrab]

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