National Enquirer Publishes Unauthorized Photo Of Whitney Houston’s Body

This week, the National Enquirer published a story on Whitney Houston‘s funeral that included an unauthorized, page-one photo of the late singer lying in an open casket at New Jersey’s Whigham Funeral Home.

Our celebrity-focused sister site, Gossip Cop, explains the hypocrisy at play in the National Enquirer‘s decision:

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The tabloid says Houston was “finally at peace after a tumultuous and troubled life in the spotlight.”

But the Enquirer invaded that “peace” by sticking cameras into the casket.

The mag adds, “This was the emotional private viewing that her legions of fans never saw, a time for Whitney’s loved ones to say a heartfelt goodbye with their tears and prayers.”

And the Enquirer trampled on those loved ones’ final moments with Houston, turning what should have been an out-of-view private time for reflection into tabloid spectacle.

h/t Gossip Cop

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