Newt Gingrich Responds to Ann Coulter Calling Him ‘Shyster,’ Enemy of the GOP

There’s civil war a-brewin’ in the Republican party, and one of the most vocal conservatives calling for change is Ann Coulter. In her new book and on Sean Hannity‘s show this week, Coulter name-dropped a few Republicans who she considers poisonous for the party, including Newt Gingrich, and Gingrich responded on Larry King‘s show.

When Coulter was on Hannity, she railed against “hucksters, shysters” in the Republican party using the GOP for ‘their own self-aggrandizement,” specifically calling out Gingrich, Todd Akin, Liz Cheney, and Mark Sanford.

Larry King brought up Coulter’s fighting words and asked Gingrich to respond. Gingrich found it odd that Coulter would go after him, of all people.

“That’s kind of weird. I helped lead us to the first Republican majority in the House in 40 years, I helped develop with Bill Clinton the first four––the only four––balanced budgets in her lifetime, we helped pass welfare reform. I would’ve thought all those would have counted against the number of books she’s sold. But, you know, people have got to go out and say something to sell books and she’s found her schtick, it’s attacking conservatives and sort of being the odd person out.”

Watch the video below, via Larry King Now:

And watch Coulter’s appearance on Hannity here, via Fox News:

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