NYT‘s Thomas Friedman Gives Obama High Marks For ‘Fulfilling Bush’s Foreign Policy’

The New York TimesThomas Friedman told The McLaughlin Group host John McLaughlin that he gives President Barack Obama high marks… for following through on a certain previous president’s foreign policy plans.

Can you guess whose?

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Said Friedman:

I’d give Obama high marks for fulfilling Bush’s foreign policy. I think he’s been very good at executing Bush’s foreign policy, particularly the war on terrorism. Been very focused. He’s I think brought power to bear in a very smart way. He’s gotten the people he needed getting. In terms of his own foreign policy, I’d agree with Mort. I think it’s TK. I think the issues that he’s taking on himself whether it was Arab-Israel diplomacy, or building a different relationship with China, still to be determined. I think the key thing here is leverage.

Have a look at Friedman’s comments, via PBS:

h/t NewsBusters

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