Obama Fights Back at GOP Refusing to Vote on SCOTUS Nominee: ‘#DoYourJob’

imageedit_5_7711092956Now that a group of GOP senators have met and discussed whether they really should refuse to vote on any Supreme Court nominee put forth by President Barack Obama and decided that yes, they should definitely do that, Obama has, as the kids say, clapped back.

Here are the signatures of the senators who are insisting they will not be holding any hearings until a new president takes office next year:

That has never been done before, which historians have been pointing out in the week and a half since Justice Antonin Scalia died. Obama pointed it out today, too:

He tweeted a gif showing the number of days between past Justices’ nominations and confirmations, then urged his 70.3 million followers to tell the senate to do their jobs. Aptly, the hashtag voters are encouraged to use is #DoYourJob.

This back-and-forth will continue for a while, which is made even more tedious by the fact that Obama hasn’t even made his nomination yet, though he’s stated that he will.

[image via screengrab]

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