Palin Pans President: Uninspired Lecture And Government ‘Mandation’


Newly minted Fox News contributor Sarah Palin went live last night with Sean Hannity, providing her off-the-cuff reactions to the State of the Union speech. What did we learn? That she thought the President’s speech was an uninspired lecture; that either Obama or Justice Alito was being disingenuous; and that Americans didn’t like Obama’s health care reform because of the government takeover and “mandation.” No, that’s not a real common word.

Critics of Palin have pointed out that most, if not all, of her television appearances have been taped, allowing for post-production editors to remove any embarrassing flubs. However, last night’s live back-and-forth with conservative host Sean Hannity was a relatively safe environment for the former Governor to opine without a net, so to speak.

Palin acquitted herself reasonably well, though her remarks were more rambling than pithy. And the only real flub was the use of the word “mandation” instead of “mandate,” which proves nothing more than — shocker — Palin is actually not a perfect human being. That said, Palin’s comments sure felt like the Republican reaction, which I am sure was not lost on her and her advisers. Some highlights:

When asked about the moment in which Obama sternly rebuked the Supreme Court and Samuel Alito‘s apparent response of “not true,” Palin offered:

I saw it Sean, I tell ya, this is why people are disenchanted and becoming more and more disengaged really from what their government is doing because when we see an issue like this, words spoken that may not be true, coming from our president, and embarrassing our Supreme Court and not respecting the separation of powers, we have a problem and that’s illustrated there by that justice there mouthing those words, ‘not true,’ now one or the other is being disingenuous here, either our president in what he just claimed or the Supreme Court justice…and I think its going to be a huge take away moment from the speech tonight.

When Hannity asked Palin to comment on Obama’s discussion of health care, specifically asking “he almost sounded as if, we the American people, we’re sort of out touch we are not understanding him,” Palin replied:

Since August more Americans have paid more attention to the bill and more Americans are becoming more concerned. it hadn’t been a matter of he not being able to explain his policy with government take over and mandation of health care, but Americans understanding what is in there not liking it and sending that message via the three recent republican sweeps in Virginia, New Jersey, Scott Brown’s election too and the Tea Party movements the town halls, people sending that message to the president mainly health care being the focus on this, he not understanding that we don’t want to see government take over of 1/6 of our economy.

Update: Mediaite commenter “sarainitaly” notes that “mandation” is in fact a word, at least according to Healthcare for the Uninsured: Is Mandation the Answer? It is, however, not very common and there is very little evidence to support its general acceptance.

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