Paul Ryan on Republican Frustration: ‘Anger Is Not a Plan’


paul ryanHouse Speaker Paul Ryan has a lot of thoughts on the divisions within the Republican party and how the GOP can be more united.

Ryan did an interview this week with TheBlaze talking about how the Republican establishment “drifted from our principles some time ago.” He believes that the conservative media has a responsibility to “help unify the conservative movement so we can help grow the conservative movement so that we can win an election and then do what we need to do to fix our problems.”

In other words, “stop the circular firing squad.”

As for the current state of the Republican presidential field, Ryan very indirectly criticized some of the rhetoric happening on the campaign trail:

“To me, if we make this a personality contest, we lose. If we make it an ideas contest, we win. That’s just the way I see it.”

Pressed as to whether a largely angry Republican base is more interested in personality than policy, Ryan gave a blunt response.

“Anger is not a plan. Anger is not a principle. Anger is not enough,” he said. “I think as leaders it is our obligation to challenge this energy into a constructive use so we can get a mandate to fix the country’s big problems.”

Nikki Haley, who delivered the Republican response to the State of the Union, implored that everyone reject the “angriest voices.” Donald Trump responded by saying damn right he’s angry.

Ryan also finds it amusing that he’s considered part of the Republican establishment when he “was a pariah to the establishment.”

You can read the full TheBlaze interview here.

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