Pelosi: My 2007 Trip to Syria Not the Same as GOP Letter to Iran

Democrats have strongly condemned the open letter 47 Republicans signed and sent to Iran’s leaders and called it “unprecedented.” In response, Republicans have pointed to Nancy Pelosi traveling to Syria in 2007 to meet with Bashar Assad despite the Bush administration’s objections. Even Jon Stewart used it to call Democrats and Republicans alike hypocrites.

Well, Pelosi’s office came out swinging against those charges of hypocrisy last night. A spokesperson said in a statement, “The desperate hyperventilation by Republicans and conservative talkers over the intense, national backlash to this letter has caused them to search for a Democratic equivalent to the dangerous precedent set by 47 Republican Senators.”

Pelosi’s office insists the trip was a bipartisan effort, and they backed it up with a giant fact check on the official Democratic Leader website. They throw out numerous links to articles about how some Republicans actually met with Assad too around that time.

They again insist the GOP letter was absolutely unprecedented and what Pelosi did is not on par.

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