Pizza ATMs May be Everywhere Sooner Than You Think

pizza-atm-photoOver the summer, it was announced that Xavier University in Cincinnati would be getting a Pizza ATM®, which we imagine caused applications to the university to spike to a record high. Now, everyone wants a Pizza ATM® (because of course they do) and the company that makes them seems to be ready for expansion, according to a report from WCPO.

Paline, the company that manufactures the Pizza ATM® has established distribution networks, and over the course of the next year, according to product representative Alec Verlin, the machines will be all over the country and in Canada.

The way the machine works is that cooks prepare a vegan dough, and then partially bake it. The sauce is also made in-house. The pizzas are then topped with a variety of different toppings, and loaded into the machine. Customers select the pizza they want, and then the pizza is moved into an oven, where it finishes baking. From the customer’s side of things, the whole thing takes about three minutes.

Currently, all of the manufacturing is done in Europe, but the company is looking to find someone in the United States to do it. It shouldn’t be hard. Based on how much Americans love pizza, companies should be jumping at the opportunity.

[photo courtesy of PALINE]

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