President Obama Stars In Tutorial Video

To announce the arrival of the new, President Barack Obama took to the internet to release today an instructional video on how to use the website for information on the new health care bill and personalized insurance options. Since he has “pretty good health insurance” at the moment, he went through the steps of finding insurance as if he were in the financial position he was as a newlywed. is the new media wing of health care reform, which helps individuals figure out how to get insured either from a private company or from the government. Newlywed Obama, for example, is given four options of insurance, though he only lists allowed the private work option or the independent private insurance options in the area. He chooses the independent private insurance option and explains how to evaluate each choice.

He also goes through the steps of finding personalized insurance options if already suffering a pre-existing condition, which has its own special category on the website. The video doubles as instructional and promotional, as it describes a number of independent stories of people who will now have health care under the new law.

The tutorial video below:

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