READ: Donald Trump Jr. and CNN’s Jim Acosta Have Twitter Slap Fight


On Thursday, CNN’s Jim Acosta stepped on a Twitter landmine at the southern border when he observed the peace and tranquility at the site of a steel barrier, inviting the obvious response from hundreds of people that that’s what the barrier is for. Among the respondents, Donald Trump Jr.‘s reply prompted a back-and-forth with the once-banned White House correspondent.

First, if you haven’t read the original tweets and replies in this article (but you should),the one that got the most attentionm and Jr.’s response, said “I found some steel slats down on the border. But I don’t see anything resembling a national emergency situation,” and included a video.

Here is Trump the younger’s reply, a quote retweet.

This was the essential logic of most of the responses to Acosta’s initial tweet. In other words, that one sees no national emergency because of the barrier, not despite it.

In Trump Jr’s case, the CNN lightning rod responded with his own quote retweet.

This is also, on the surface, a logical reply. He’s essentially saying that Trump Jr. is admitting to Acosta’s own first premise that there isn’t “anything resembling a national emergency situation.” It does, however, miss the idea that the border is bigger than a single location. As conservative talk radio host and author Erick Erickson joined in to point out.

Still, the polarizing figures Jim Acosta and Donald Trump Jr. each have at least partly correct points. A circumstance which was written about by Nostradamus, I believe. Or maybe it was this guy.

UPDATE: Donald Trump Jr. responds further.

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