Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. ‘Responding’ To Depression Treatment, Says His Father

Reverend Jesse Jackson said Tuesday that he and his wife visited their son Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. this week at the Mayo Clinic, where he is currently being treated for “depression and gastrointestinal issues,” and indicated that the ailing congressman is “responding” to his treatment.

After an unannounced hiatus from Congress in June, Jackson Jr. had been the subject of rumors and speculation regarding his mysterious disappearance. After several weeks, his office released a statement saying the congressman was being treated for a “mood disorder” at an undisclosed location. During the Olympic opening ceremony, his office finally clarified that he was at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota being treated for depression and a gastrointestinal issue.

When asked whether his son is close to a congressional return, the elder Jackson told the Chicago Tribune that “it’s not the kind of health challenge that you can put on a timetable, but he is responding as he seeks to regain his strength.”

“He has the best treatment and he is responding,” Rev. Jackson said.

Jackson added that he and his wife did not discuss politics with their son: “My concern has been his health and regaining his strength. That’s my primary focus. I’m sure that at the appropriate time you’ll hear from the doctors there. I didn’t delve into medical things frankly.”

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