Republican Jewish Coalition Not Inviting Ron Paul To Forum Because It’d Be ‘Like Inviting Obama’

Next week, the Republican Jewish Coalition is planning a forum to be attended by all of the Republican candidates… with the notable exception of Ron Paul. Mais why?

Well, RJC executive director Matt Brooks told the Washington Jewish Week that Paul was not invited to attend because the organization “rejects his misguided and extreme views” concerning Israel. In addition, “he’s just so far outside of the mainstream of the Republican party and this organization” that inviting him to attend the forum would be “like inviting Barack Obama to speak.”

You may recall that, during last month’s CNN debate, Paul made it clear that, if elected president, he would not aid Israel in military action against Iran and, furthermore, he does not see “why Israel needs our help” anyway. He added that “they can take care of themselves” before concluding that Americans should not be comfortable with any military action “without a proper declaration by the United States Congress.”

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As Gawker points out, Paul has a notoriously loyal following that will not hesitate to throw down — or, really, chase a pundit or two — in their candidate’s defense.

h/t Washington Jewish Week

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