Roy Moore Claims to Hannity: We Have ‘Evidence of Some Collusion’


Roy Moore appeared on the radio today, granting his first interview after allegations dropped that he molested a 14-year-old when he was 32.

The Alabama candidate Senate candidate spoke with Sean Hannity, who––in the second segment of the interview––asked him about the massive Republican blowback to the bombshell WaPo report.

The former judge dropped a bombshell of his own, telling Hannity that his team had evidence that the entire story may have been fabricated.

“We are also doing an investigation and we have some evidence of some collusion here but we’re not ready to bring that to the public just yet,” he said, before bizarrely suggesting that Democrats do not want his “acknowledgement that there is a God” and changing the subject to transgender rights.

Moore placed the burden of proof squarely on the shoulders of accuser Leigh Corfman, while also alleging that he has been the victim of a witch hunt.

“In this case, this woman has waited over 40 years to bring a complaint four weeks out of the election,” he said. “It’s obvious to the casual observer that something is up.”

He also doubled down on his promise to stay in the race, saying that “if you step aside for any allegation, then you may as well not run.”

Moore has completely denied that he molested Corfman in 1979, telling Hannity that “it never happened.” Additionally, the Republican said that he believes the allegations are “politically motivated.”

Hopefully his team sees fit to release their damning evidence of collusion before Alabama’s special election, which takes place on Dec. 12.

You can listen to the audio above, via The Sean Hannity Show.

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