Tapper Tangles With Roy Moore Supporter: Would You Vote For a Child Molester Over a Democrat?


While a number of Republicans in Washington have distanced themselves from Alabama GOP Senate candidate Roy Moore in the wake of bombshell allegations that he initiated sexual contact with a 14-year-old when he was 32, quite a few conservatives have come to Moore’s defense, especially in Alabama.

Appearing on CNN’s The Lead, former Alabama Republican Party chair Marty Connors let anchor Jake Tapper know right off the bat that he was skeptical of the allegations. He pointed to the timing of the article coming out, saying that it was “kind of timely.”

Tapper noted that recently quite a few famous men have had their past actions regarding sexual harassment and abuse come under scrutiny, explaining that when the women were interviewed they said they were inspired by other women coming forward.

“Well, that makes sense and I understand that, but I would counter what you’re saying with the simple fact,” Connors retorted. “Roy Moore has run multiple times in the state of Alabama. Governor, state Supreme Court chief, U.S. Senate. Just finished a very aggressive U.S. Senate race. Millions of dollars of opposition research against Judge Moore. Where was it ever found? Why is it showing up now?”

The CNN anchor countered that the Washington Post reporters were down in Alabama doing a profile and ended up tracking down rumors. Furthermore, their report included over 30 sources and four accusers who went on the record. Connors wasn’t buying it, as he said the timing didn’t “pass the smell test.”

“Well, not for you, but, look, you were a regional chairman for Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign,” Tapper said. “Mitt Romney today tweeted, quote, innocent until proven guilty is for criminal convictions, not elections.”

The two would go back and forth for a few more minutes, with Connors dismissing the Post as a credible source and bringing up Bill and Hillary Clinton. Meanwhile, Tapper wanted to know what it would take for Connors to believe the allegations.

“I guess here’s a question for you, if it came down in an election between a Republican who had been proven a child molester or a Democrat, would you vote for the Democrat?” Tapper asked.

“I would vote against the child molester if proven,” Connors responded.

“And does it need to be proven in a court of law for you?” Tapper shot back. “Is that the standard?”

“Well, I mean, what are we dealing with here? Facts? Or are we peddling gossip?” the Alabama Republican exclaimed.

The two men continued to tangle for a while longer as Tapper kept on pushing him on what burden of proof he needed while Connors continued to compare the Post report to gossip.

Watch the clip above, via CNN.

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