Rush Limbaugh Blasts Phone Caller Who Claims He Is Racist


Today on his radio show, Rush Limbaugh was confronted by a caller who alleged Rush’s criticism of President Obama has been racist. The caller even alleged that Rush hides behind using the term “satire” when in fact Rush’s attempts at comedy are really just instances of his racism. However, when the caller could not provide a specific racist example, Rush unloaded on him.

At one point the caller complains that Rush never makes fun of Republicans and that Rush is not fair, to which Rush humorously responds, “I’ve never said I’m fair and balanced.” When Rush demanded specific examples of racism, the caller offered up Rush’s spoof commercials with an Obama voice using a “negro dialect” and claimed Rush always ignores any crazy comments made by Republicans like Sarah Palin or Michele Bachmann. Unsatisfied with the caller providing any further specifics Rush yelled “I have given you so much opportunity to be specific about your complaint and you can’t do it.”

And then Rush got really angry, scolding the caller:

“You are partly responsible for the problem this country is in, because you are willingly ignorant. You willingly keep yourself stupid and ignorant and uninformed and you run around and live in your political cliched world.”

Rush concluded by suggesting he has forcefully challenged liberals throughout the years, regardless of their race, and that the racism charge is ludicrous. The back and forth Rush allowed at the beginning with the caller who clearly didn’t like him (yet strangely seemed like a devoted listener) was actually enlightening, and with Rush yelling by the end providing the entertainment, it seems like this clip has a little bit of everything.

Listen to the clip below from The Rush Limbaugh Show:

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