Rush Limbaugh: Mitt Romney Is A ‘Stranger To Fundamental Conservatism’


Radio host Rush Limbaugh took Republican frontrunner Mitt Romney to task for supporting an increase in the minimum wage in response to his comments about not being concerned about the “very poor”, saying it gave doubt to his conservative credentials. “I know what Mitt Romney was trying to do. I know what he was trying to say. In the process of doing what he did, saying what he said, he made it clear that he is a stranger to fundamental conservatism. And for the people who oppose Romney, that’s the biggest red flag.”

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“It boils down to conservatism,” Limbaugh pointed out. “So I guarantee you there are a lot of people who oppose Romney in conservative circles who are pointing to these two examples, saying, “See, this is what we’ve been trying to tell you,” and what are they up against? “Well, you know, he has to know the minimum wage causes problems.” If he has to know, why is he supporting it? “Well, he has to, Rush. The media’s liberal, he’s gotta act like he cares about the poor.” Well, that’s McCain. We’re tired of having to tailor what we do and say to get the approval of the New York Times or the Washington Post or everybody else in the media, the Democrat Party. We want somebody who can teach, who can inform, who can explain, who can persuade the way we can. Pure and simple.”

Watch Limbaugh’s comments on Romney below:

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