Rush Limbaugh: The Republican Establishment Is In A ‘Full-Blown Panic’ Over Gingrich Win

Limbaugh: The GOP Establishment Is In A 'Full-Blown Panic' Over Gingrich Win 

The conventional wisdom throughout the weekend was that the longer the fight between the GOP candidates goes on, the more it hurts the party. Well, Rush Limbaugh has never been one for conventional wisdom. Today, Limbaugh continued putting forth his feeling that it would be great to see the fight go all the way to the convention. But he noted the worry that many Republicans seemed to have about it, theorizing that they never thought they could beat President Obama, were only trying to get control of both the House and the Senate, and are in a “full-blown panic” now simply because they don’t think a Newt Gingrich nomination can do that for them.

Gingrich accused the Establishment (defined as Republicans who don’t like real Conservatives, don’t want to end spending, and, instead, just want to be in charge of it) of purposefully allowing tons of candidates in the race like Ron Paul and Herman Cain simply so that they can split the conservative vote and ensure a Mitt Romney nomination.

“But the resentment for the base that the Republican establishment has is obvious, and of course the Republican establishment knows that. They know that the Tea Party is not embraced, that the Republican establishment’s trying to marginalize the Tea Party. So really, at least for me, is not hard to understand. Now, there’s an abject sense of panic that has set in over, ‘Oh, no! You mean this race is gonna go on? Oh, no!’ Yeah, the race is gonna go on. See, they thought that this would be over before it started. Remember what I told you. ‘They’re gonna split the conservative vote and elect the moderate.’ They were gonna stand traditional theory on its head.

They decided, ‘We’re gonna lose from the get-go. We’re gonna nominate a moderate. We’re gonna take conservatives in our party that we can’t stand and we’re gonna have as many of them up there as possible splitting vote.'”

However, Limbaugh explained, they’re plan has fallen apart because Gingrich is finally fighting back for victimized conservatives everywhere.

Like before, Limbaugh theorized that a continuing primary debate would force Romney to the right (or, as he put it this time, force him to “figure conservatism out”). Something that, in Limbaugh’s eyes, could only be a good thing.

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