Russell Brand to Hannity: Speak from Love, ‘Not from Vengeance and Hatred’

Russell Brand has been feuding with Sean Hannity for the past few days, and last Friday Brand responded on his YouTube channel to Hannity calling him “dumb and ignorant” with a plea for the Fox host to stop projecting so much “hatred.”

Brand played snippets of Hannity’s response, chuckling about his “mean-spirited approach” and his continuing to create a narrative “that fits in with Fox’s worldview.” As for the “Ken doll” jibe he got in at Hannity, Brand explained, “None of us thought that he wasn’t handsome, we just thought that he was plastic, stupid, superficial, vacuous, and vain.”

He kept on refuting Hannity’s points about the Gaza conflict (which triggered this feud in the first place). Brand denounced Hannity’s “vitriol and propaganda” and made a plea for him to see the light, as it were.

“Sean, you’re a human being. Come back to humanity. You’ve lost yourself, mate. Tonight when you go home, look in the mirror for a little while. Take a deep breath, remember how you were as a child, remember how you feel about the people you love, remember that all human beings everywhere, they have those sensations and those feelings. And try to speak from a perspective of love, not from vengeance and hatred.”

Watch Brand’s full comments here:

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