Sam Bee Skewers Comey Firing: ‘Our Dumb Democracy Ran Into a Wall With a Bucket On Its Head’

Last night, Samantha Bee used her TBS show to tear into Donald Trump‘s firing of James Comey, which she was not too thrilled happened after her staff had already written last night’s episode.

She introduced the segment — “Our Weekly Constitutional Crisis: What the Fuck Is It This Time?” — and wasted no time getting into the details, which she summed up by saying, “Our dumb democracy ran into a wall with a bucket on its head again.”

Bee slammed everyone in the administration for their role in the firing of the FBI director who was helming the investigation into Trump’s Russian ties, even Sean Spicer, who reportedly hid among bushes to avoid reporters when the Comey news broke. Bee groaned that he’d rather have Lyme disease than face the press.

In a portion of the segment that delighted Mediaite staffers and is sure to make you laugh if you watch a lot of cable news, too, Bee lamented that the nonstop coverage of this event prevented her from seeing commercials about booklets on mesothelioma or getting cash for gold. (If you ever meet any Mediaite writers in person, by the way, feel free to ask us to recite any of these beloved ads.)

Anyway, please watch above as Bee pulls no punches and makes it obvious how disgusted she is with the administration’s decision to oust Comey.

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