Scarborough Slams Paul Ryan on DACA: He ‘Should Go Into a Dark Basement in Janesville and Tweet’

Joe Scarborough was back in force Wednesday railing against President Trump’s plan to phase out DACA and feckless congressional leaders who he said spent too much time Tweeting their outrage instead of taking actual action.

Front and center of today’s diatribe GOP House Speaker Paul Ryan who Scarborough suggested should just retreat into “a dark basement in Janesville.”

The segment began with Scarborough sounding off about the humiliations of Ryan and Senate leader Mitch McConnell at the hands of Trump and suggested the pair conspire in a legislative coup against the president.

“They do not have the votes, Congressman,” said Mark Halperin making reference to Scarborough past’s legislative career. “They need a president to help them get the votes. They can’t do it on their own.”

That sparked a fight between Scarborough and Halperin with the former insisting that DACA yay votes were a slam dunk — president or no president.

“If they’re not smart enough to be able to pass this and say I’m not with Nancy Pelosi, I’m with 75% of the American people, then they really don’t deserve to be in their position,” said JScar. “They should go into a dark basement in Janesville and tweet for the rest of their life. This is not hard. I’m not with Nancy Pelosi my friends of Janesville, Wisconsin.”

Scarborough then touted his own past, which he said included a healthy amount of standing up to party leadership.

One does wonder his speaker, Newt Gingrich would say about that.

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