Senator Scott Brown’s Daughter Benefits From Same Health Care Bill Her Dad Opposes

Scott Brown, the Republican Senator from Massachusetts, made it clear that he was against President Barack Obama‘s health care plan when he voted to repeal it. However, it seems the Senator has a soft spot for the bill after all. In an interview with the Boston Globe, he admitted to taking advantage of the Affordable Care Act. Brown’s daughter, 23-year-old singer Ayla Brown, is covered under the same bill that her father opposes.

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“I’ve said right from the beginning,” said the Senator, “that if there are things that we like, we should take advantage of them and bring them back here to Massachusetts. I’ve already voted to repeal it. You know where I stand on this. This isn’t news.” But when asked if he used the plan, Brown responded, “Of course I do.”

His use of the plan fueled the response from his Democratic opposition, Elizabeth Warren. Warren’s spokeswoman Alethea Harney told the Globe that “Republican Senator Scott Brown has gone Washington… He says he likes being able to keep his daughter on the family health insurance plan. What he doesn’t say is that he voted to stop other parents from doing the same.”

“Brown’s still promising to repeal the very reforms that allow him and the parents of 2.5 million other young adults to keep their kids covered,” she continued. “It’s not right. Scott Brown spells health care: H-Y-P-O-C-R-I-S-Y.”

h/t Boston Globe via Politico

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