Showtime Host Mocks ‘Scrubbed Potato’ Tucker Carlson: ‘Worm in a Bow Tie and a 3rd Grade Haircut’


After Fox News host Tucker Carlson mocked MSNBC’s Chris Hayes on-air, Kid Mero, from the popular Showtime series Desus & Mero, said he would “duff” Carlson “so hard his bowtie would spin around like daffy ducks beak.”

Kid Mero, whose co-host Desus Nice attended a Bronx middle school with Hayes, began his tweetstorm against Carlson by stating he’d bet “10 racks” on the MSNBC host beating his Fox News rival in a “no gloves” fight.

In follow up tweets, Kid Mero referred Carlson as “a fuckin worm in a bowtie” with “a 3rd grade haircut” and joked about the conservative pundit calling the police for protection. He also joked that Carlson looks “like a scrubbed potato with a wig” who “my 5 year old would mop.”

Kid Mero offered his thoughts on Carlson’s neck-to-head ratio in his final tweet on the subject.

On his Monday night show, Carlson opened fire on Hayes, mocking his interview with Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

“Chris Hayes is what every man would be if feminists ever achieved absolute power in this country: apologetic, bespectacled, and deeply, deeply concerned about global warming and the patriarchal systems that cause it,” Carlson said.

Hayes cheekily replied to the attacks by posting a workout picture of him on Instagram with the caption: “Every quarter the Feminarchist Junta requires all adult males to present themselves for a fitness inspection. Failure to pass results in summary execution.”

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