Lindsey Graham Defends Rupert Murdoch From NY Times Investigative Report: ‘They Don’t Like Competition!’

Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) made the curious decision to insert himself into a brewing media rivalry Wednesday afternoon when he weighed in on the NY Times’ massive investigation into Rupert Murdoch’s media empire, including, of course, Fox News,

The massive NY Times Magazine report published Wednesday featured a joint byline of Jonathan Mahler and Jim Rutenberg, and reportedly took six months of research, writing, which included trips to three continents for completion. It is a fascinating read — from which we’ve pulled a handful of shocking revelations — and it is not an unfair portrayal of arguably the most powerful individual in media and politics.

Graham, however, felt the need to defend Murdoch and his media empire in a passive-aggressive tweet that suggested some ulterior motive behind the report. Graham tweeted:

Graham presents a frequent visage on many cable news outlets, though he likely appears most often on the more friendly environs of Murdoch’s Fox News. So perhaps Graham is showing a bit of familial protection for a piece that takes a critical look at the network and its ownership.


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