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Stephen Colbert And Jon Stewart Announce Big Plans For A Coming Announcement

In the days that followed Glenn Beck‘s “Restoring Honor” rally, a strange and fascinating movement started on Reddit. For a number of days, the most popular post on the social news and information service was an earnest and excited plea for Stephen Colbert to host his very own rally in the nation’s capital, in much the same fashion as Beck. Last night, Colbert addressed this phenomenon on his show, and just like his lead-in Jon Stewart had announced in the prior time slot, Colbert made a rather startling announcement.

So while the specifics of the announcements are still unclear, it appears that there may in fact be some sort of event in the works, though one can only imagine how that would work (or what it would look like.) Of course, this could just be a comedy bit designed to mock Glenn Beck’s announcements but that would certainly anger the very “Internets” who put “restoring truthiness” as the most searched topic on Google Trends.

Regardless of how this ends up, given the specifics of the following clip, and the enthusiasm of Colbert’s fanbase (evidenced by the Restoring Truthiness website and his legions of Facebook fans), we can probably expect a series of T shirts and tchotchkes to come out with “God Geese” emblazoned on them. Congratulations Internet. Could your dream actually come true?

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