comScore Steve King Responds to Paul Ryan Criticizing Tweet: I Didn’t Misspeak, He ‘Misunderstands What I Said’

Steve King Responds to Paul Ryan Criticizing Tweet: I Didn’t Misspeak, He ‘Misunderstands What I Said’

Congressman Steve King appeared on Fox News tonight to once again defend his “somebody else’s babies” tweet and respond to what Speaker Paul Ryan said earlier about it.

Ryan said on Fox earlier tonight that what King said does not reflect “what is special about this country,” adding, “I’d like to think that he misspoke and it wasn’t really meant the way that that sounds, and hopefully he’s clarified that.”

Ryan’s comments came on the heels of strong condemnation of King’s tweet from a number of other Republicans, including some of King’s own House colleagues.

In defending his comments, King told Tucker Carlson tonight that he “didn’t misspeak at all.”

Carlson said the problem with his tweet was that “it suggested that there’s a racial component to American identity.” King said it’s liberals who keep pointing to people’s differences, but he added that if he had more characters in the tweet, he would have said, “You can’t rebuild our civilization with somebody else’s babies unless we adopt them.”

King also said that “having a common language” is important in America, and that “English is essentially a carrier of liberty and it expresses freedom and liberty more effectively than any other language on the planet.”

They circled back to Paul Ryan and King, who first brought up how the two of them differ on immigration, said this:

“I think he just misunderstands what I said. It was characterized by the left as having a race component to it, but you can look down through the words and the language, and there’s nothing in my statement that references race in any way, but I do reference culture and civilization, and that’s what we’ve got to restore––is Western civilization for the world, Tucker.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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