Symone Sanders Literally Claps Back on CNN Over Alt Right Violence: ‘Someone is Now Dead’


As the dust settled on a day of violence that has left one dead and dozens injured in Charlottesville, Virginia, the cable news panels alighted with dueling takes and counter takes on what it all meant. Were the Nazis at fault? Was it ANTIFA? Did president Trump express sufficient condolence after?

Into the fray waded CNN’s Ana Cabrera — who moderated a doozy of a Saturday night dust up between former Congressman Jack Kingston and ex-Bernie Sanders Press Secretary Symone Sanders.

It got so ugly that at one point Sanders literally clapped back at Kingston and accused him of wanting to “move past” issues of white supremacy.

“Someone is now dead. I was in New Orleans last night at NABJ (National Association of Black Journalists) and I was looking on Twitter and I saw people joking about how these were kids with tiki torches and fast forward 24 hours later, somebody is dead,” she said. “Tonight is going to be a very important night in Charlottesville. What’s going to happen tomorrow? There are a number of people who are injured. Words matter.”

Fair enough.

Kingston responded with a call for unity and said that obsessing over the strenuousness of President Trump’s denunciation of violence or whether he used the specific term “white supremacy” was a pedantic effort.

“Don’t you think that you and I, as liberals and conservatives and Democrats and Republicans, should be able to move past that and say what are we going to do about…

Sanders misinterpreted what Kingston said to mean that he felt we should move past the issue of white supremacy itself and she cut him off.

No matter. The offense drew a swift — and literal — clapback,

“Jack?Kingston — excuse me — we should be able to move past white supremacy?” she said in disbelief. “Never forget! Black people…”

Things devolved into crosstalk.

“The fact that the president hasn’t used the term white supremacist, we as a people should be able to get past it. Maybe he will talk about it later on,” said Kingston trying to regain his footing in the face of withering clapping from Sanders. “I think most politicians and most leaders have weighed in condemning this.”

Sanders wasn’t having it.

“Let me be really clear. I don’t want to hear anything else Jack Kingston has to say, specifically about moving past white supremacy.”

Also on hand was Washington, D.C. bureau chief for the Chicago Sun-Times, Lynn Sweet who sadly didn’t manage to get much of a word in edgewise.

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