Tavis Smiley Literally LOLs at Rachel Dolezal: Why ‘Volunteer’ to Be Black?

tavis smileyIn a new post for Time Magazine, Tavis Smiley says his first reaction to the Rachel Dolezal story was, basically, “LOL.”

Smiley was, like most other people, a little taken aback that this NAACP official was “disguising” herself as black for years. And the PBS host joked a lot in his piece about how much white people are willing to go to “get the black experience in America,” like tanning and getting “an injection in the behind.”

“When God was passing out colors,” he asks, “who raised their hand for a life of social disenfranchisement, political marginalization, economic exploitation and cultural larceny?”

Smiley loves being black but says he didn’t “volunteer” to do so, and found this to be the most troubling aspect of Dolezal’s actions:

The real question this sordid matter raised for me is simply this; assuming again that her intentions were noble, is there a better way for Ms. Dolezal to have advocated for the rights of marginalized fellow citizens without fronting as somebody she’s not?

Of course there is.

You can read Smiley’s full piece here.

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